Following numerous complaints about noise, we want to remind all owners and tenants of the regulations of our Declaration of co-ownership. 

Reminder of the "Declaration of co-ownership" regulations related to the rules of good neighborhood.

Article 95, paragraph 2.

«The co-owners of the units residential, tenants and occupants must see to it that the peace and quiet of the building is not disturbed at any time, by their activities, nor those of members of their family, their guests, clients or their domestic servants.”

One must realize that when one lives in a condo one has a duty not to disturb the tranquility of their neighbors and this especially in the evening, because it is obvious that any appliances, sound system or TV which is working is likely to be heard by neighbors.

We don't live in a condo as if it was in a house. A bit of civility and respect on the part of all will make everyone happier.