ANIMALS : Rights and Obligations

Article 95. Paragraph 11 of the Declaration of co-ownership:

No dog may be kept in a private portion. Only co-owners or theirs tenants (before September 17th 2014) will keep their rigth to have one small dog. No domestic animal considered to be harmful by the syndicate’s board of directors may be kept in a private portion.  Any co-owner, tenant or occupant who keeps such a domestic animal considered harmful in his private portion must permanently remove it within a period of two weeks following receipt of a written notice by the board of directors, under penalty of liquidated damages in the amount of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per day of contravention.


The number of animals per unit will be limited to one small dog or one cat.

Pet owner obligations:

As a pet owner, you are subject to obligations and are responsible:

  • You agree that your pet will not cause any trouble to your neighbors.
  • You will be responsible if your dog :
  • Causes material damages ;
  • If the tranquility of the other owners is not respected because of his repeated barking, for example.

In case of non-compliance with your obligations:

  • you may be ordered to pay damages to the victims of these disorders;

The living quality in the Co-ownership should not be reduced because of problems that your pet may cause.