Le 5220 des Sources

The 5220 des Sources is a six floor building, built in 2004 by the Quorum Group. It is part of a complex of two buildings called ''Domaine des Berges'' in the borough of Pierrefonds, Montreal (Quebec). Each building is administrated independently and each of them has its own co-ownership syndicate, its own board of directors and its own regulations.

The 5220 des Sources is characterized by the simplicity of its architecture, the proximity of the Rivière des Prairies and Rapides du Cheval Blanc, the tranquility of the residential sector. The strictness of its administration, maintenance program and outstanding conservation and collective desire of its owners to comply with the internal regulations and laws, making this building outstanding.

As a result there is an exceptional quality of life as well as peace and security that are the pride and joy of the residents.

The building is managed by the Board of Directors of the 5220 des Sources co-owners Syndicate.

The 5220 des Sources administration philosophy is based on the fundamental principle dictating condominium living, set forth in Article 1063 of the Civil Code of Québec:


«Each co-owner has the disposal of his fraction; he has free use and enjoyment of his private portion and of the common portions, provided he observes the by-laws of the immovable and does not impair the rights of the other co-owners or the destination of the immovable.»