This is a reminder to all the co-owners that it is strictly forbidden to install radio or television antennas on the balcony or on the exterior wall of the building.

Reminder of the "Declaration of co-ownership" regulations related to the rules of good neighborhood.

Article 95, paragraph 14.

«No co-owner shall be permitted to install or place on the exterior of the building, or on a balcony, radios or television antennas or discs or any apparatus of any nature for receiving radio or other signals. Such apparatus is permitted only on the roof of the building, subject to the prior written approval of the municipality and any agency regulating the installation thereof as well as written authorization by the declarant until all the units have been sold and thereafter with the consent of the syndicate`s board of directors or manager.  The co-owner shall always be responsible to repair any damage caused to the roof by the installation or removal of such apparatus.”

We don't live in a condo as if it was in a house. A bit of civility on the part of all will make everyone happier.